How To Boost Affiliate Links With Wishloop iQueue

Frustrated sending visitors to affiliate offers and losing any chance of capturing their details?

I used to be!

You’d either set up an ad, or created some really good content  that was enjoying a lot of click throughs only to end with some sales but no way to retarget those that hadn’t bought the offer

It used to really annoy me that I had to choose between sending visitors either direct to the affiliate offer with no chance to collect an email address or to a signup page.

If the visitor clicked away from the signup page, again nothing collected. All that effort  gone into it and not a lot to show.

What if there was a solution that allowed you to do both at the same time and double your chances?

What if it was a set and forget system?

Wishloop iQueue offers a clever solution to this problem.

It won’t catch all those that don’t make a purchase but it will give you an extra chance to have a second bite at the cherry.

Wishloop iQueue is a tool primarily intended for social sharing.

Using this method you can, in fact, offer a sign up option and show your affiliate page at the same time.

It requires minimal effort and can potentially pay big dividends.

Using the unique browser bookmarklet you create a unique replica webpage of any item you’d like to share.

You can then add your chosen Wishloop call to action to this webpage

For example, if you were encouraging visitors to take a free trial of a specific product, you’d choose the signup page as the “sharing page”.

Your link directs the visitor to the “sharing” signup page, which is an exact replica of the original.

Almost immediately your CTA appears, possibly an optin box, which obscures the sign up page.

Hopefully the visitor will signup for the trial offer shown in your CTA .

Check out this video where I create a Wishloop iQueue Affiliate Link Booster



The “thank you” page you send your subscriber to can be the “original” free trial signup page where they can take advantage of the offer.

Where previously you’d have a one in two chance of success, this increases your chances to two in three.

If the visitor subscribes and then goes on to take the free affiliate trial the earning potential mushrooms accordingly.

Wishloop iQueue Affiliate Link Booster, a lot of reward for a little effort.

If you’d like to know more about Wishloop click this link Wishloop